Adam Levine Chill Christmas in Montecito

Adam Levine Chill Christmas in Montecito

Hey, guess what Adam Levine did on a laid-back Christmas day? Hung out with his fam in Montecito, of course! The 44-year-old, along with his wife, Behati Prinsloo, and their two little ones, Dusty and Gio, cruised through the city’s streets in pure style. 

Adam Levine Relaxed Style: Crewneck Sweater and Shorts Combo

Adam Levine, the cool guy from Maroon 5, went for a totally chill look. Picture this – a black crewneck sweater paired with fresh white shorts. That’s how you do casual and cool for a family day out. Oh, and he added white socks and Nike sneakers to complete the look. Simple, right?

Vintage Bentley Joyride

What’s the coolest way to cruise through Montecito? In a vintage Bentley S1, obviously! That’s exactly what Adam, Behati, Dusty, and Gio did. Imagine the super cool vibes in that classic ride. A new standard for family road trips has been set.

Behati’s Hoodie Vibe: Colorful and Relaxed

Now, let’s talk about Behati Prinsloo, Adam Levine awesome wife. She was rocking her own vibe – a multicolored tri-tone hoodie. Talk about adding a burst of color to the day. While Adam kept it dark and chill, Behati brought in the vibrant energy. That’s what we call a style power couple.

A Merry Christmas from the Levine Family in Montecito

Christmas morning in Montecito looked pretty epic for the Levine crew. Just imagine the Bentley cruising through the streets, Adam’s easygoing style, and Behati’s hoodie chic. Add Dusty and Gio into the mix, and you’ve got a festive family scene that’s as cool as it gets.

Post-Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Vibes

At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony not long ago, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s adorable love vibes stole the show. And now, they’re bringing that same energy to the streets of Montecito. Talk about couple goals and family goals all rolled into one.

Chillin’ with the Levine-Prinsloo Squad

While some folks go all out glam during the holidays, Adam Levine and Behati are showing us how to keep it real and relaxed. Who needs fancy outfits when you can rock a crewneck sweater and shorts combo? It’s the epitome of elegance and practicality.

Christmas Chic in Black and Colorful Vibes

So, as the Adam Levine-Prinsloo squad rolled through Montecito in their vintage Bentley, they gave us a peek into their Christmas chic style. Adam’s dark hues and Behati’s colorful choice – it’s like a fashion yin and yang. And with Dusty and Gio in the backseat, it’s a festive fashion ride for the whole crew.

Here’s to More Family Adventures in 2023!

As we wrap up 2022, the Adam Levine-Prinsloo fam is setting the bar high for family goals. Easygoing styles, cool rides, and lots of love – that’s what we’re talking about. Here’s to more family adventures, stylish rides, and effortless coolness in 2023. The Levine-Prinsloo squad sure knows how to keep it real.