TWICE Ready to Be World Tour: Shines Brightly In Jakarta.

TWICE Ready to Be World Tour: Shines Brightly In Jakarta.

The news of TWICE Ready to Be World Tour has gotten their die-hard fans very excited. You won’t want to miss the chance to see Jakarta on the tour. As we go over the basics, get ready for a musical adventure you’ll never forget!

TWICE Ready to Be World Tour: Come with us to ONCE Indonesia! Do you remember TWICE? They are back!

TWICE Ready to Be World Tour: Shines Brightly In Jakarta.

Pay attention, all of you ONCE users in Indonesia! Fans will have a great time in Jakarta because the amazing girl group TWICE will be there. Mecimapro, the company that planned the event, was thrilled to hear the news and posted it on Instagram on August 29, 2023. “ONCE Indonesia!” was written on the letter. It gives us great pleasure to welcome #TWICE to Jakarta for their first outdoor show! Keep an eye out for more news, and expect to hear from us soon!

TWICE Ready to Be World Tour: You should remember the date December 23, 2023.

Remember that the big day is coming up soon, so mark your calendars. The Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) will be the center of attention on December 23, 2023. But this isn’t just any show. The Jakarta International Stadium is Indonesia’s biggest stadium, and TWICE is the first K-pop group to ever hold a solo show there. With room for 82,000 fans, JIS says that the much-anticipated performance will feel electric.

On ONCE Indonesia, Jihyo made a funny joke.

It was a nice surprise when Jihyo, the head of TWICE, teased ONCE Indonesia. In a video call on August 26, a member of ONCE Indonesia with the name @dwangxox said that Jihyo had said that the band had no plans to play in Indonesia. Fans were shocked when the news came out of the blue, and @dwangxox said that Jihyo was the best joker ever. @dwangxox announced a Candybong gift to spread happiness (and maybe some anger). This is TWICE’s famous lightstick.

When does this happen? More shows and information on how to get tickets!

Fans are getting more and more excited as they wait for information about the event in Jakarta, such as ticket costs and perks. Fans are likely worried because Mecimapro hasn’t said anything about it. The ‘Ready to Be’ World Tour by TWICE will go on, though, after Jakarta. On November 4, 2023, the band will play in Melbourne. On February 3, 2024, they will play in Mexico City and Sao Paulo.

TWICE Ready to Be World Tour: Get ready for the beautiful music of ONCE Indonesia by TWICE!

Listen up, ONCE Indonesia! TWICE is bringing K-pop to Jakarta for a night of music, dancing, and fun that you’ll never forget! There will be more news, sneak peeks, and special content coming out in the days before December 23. Because it’s more than just a show, you shouldn’t miss it.